Time For Yourself



As parents and caregivers, we can sometimes put ourselves on the back burner.  I for one have been guilty of being so busy with focus on my boys, house, marriage, etc and not balancing my own health and my own well being.  And I have had to take a moment to stop and think (on several occasions), what good will it do for my boys, for my family if my health falls into jeopardy?

I understand all the intense anxieties that can build up when we parents/caregivers are in process of going through our children's therapies, bio-medical treatments, behavior outbursts, special diets, trying to figure out what works for our children, what isn't working for our children and so forth...

Breathe. Relax. And take a moment for yourself. It is so very important for us parents and caregivers to make a window of opportunity for ourselves to just decompress, find our inner peace, rejuvenate our strength, and be balanced.

Shine Bright, You Got This! 

Love & Light Always ❤️