Sensory issues play a key role in our children with Autism & ADHD. They may range anywhere from just needing a fidget to the extreme sensory over-load that causes them to just melt down in inconsolable tantrum blow-outs.  

Sometimes it's easy to pin-point the source of what set off our child and we are able to support them with what they need to regulate.

Other times it can be like walking through a ticking mine field when our child's rigidness and anxiety sets in seemingly "out of nowhere" and we as parents are left trying to figure out what happened.

The following programs and therapies have helped my boys through their sensory issues and may be helpful to your child as well:

  • Early Intervention Home Program
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Developmental Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Floor Time
  • Listening Program (These are CD's that range from birds softly chirping with a random distant train or airplane in the background to a more intense listening CD of what sounds like distorted children's songs.  The listening program helped desensitize both my sons from loud real life situations like school, stores, museums, family gatherings etc.)
  • Brushing Program (A special soft bristled brush used in varying pressures and directions on my boys' arms, legs, back, etc.)
  • Body squeezes either with the above pictured body roller or sometimes I sandwich my boys between jumbo sofa cushions and push down on them from ankles to torso.  They find the deep pressure with the cushions very soothing)
  • Therapy Netted Door Swing/Hammock Swing
  • Velcro Body Vest 

My Sensory page is ever growing so be sure to check back to this page for upcoming new videos!