Goodness, "where to begin" is what I thought to myself when I first created this page.  Behaviors have been such a major factor in our Autism journey.  Behaviors in all settings, school, home, outings, social gatherings, EVERYWHERE.  There have definitely been times when all I could do to have peace of mind was to think back to where my boys used to be and how far they have come. 

This is my "Then and Now" page.  This is where I will share with you stories of our journey of how my boys used to act, how we helped them, and where they are now.  If any of you can relate to any of our stories be comforted to know that it does get better.  Finding the right combinations of special diets, bio-medical treatments, school therapies, home/outside therapies and the love and support of people who understand or at least try to understand what we parents and care givers of special needs are going through and what our children are going through is what it takes to be on the road to recovery.


My Behavior page is ever growing so be sure to check back to this page for upcoming new videos where I will share behavior topics that my boys went through, how we helped them, what worked, what didn't work, and hopefully they can help work for your family.  I will upload videos on behavior topics such as:

  • Head Banging
  • Eloping
  • Chewing Shirt Collars and Sleeves
  • Licking Walls
  • Chewing Playground Woodchips
  • Self-Hitting
  • Unraveling Socks and Jeans
  • Following Directions
  • Patience and Waiting
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Potty Training and Picasso Poop
  • Going to the Movies
  • And many, many more topics to share...