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Together As One: Building Meaningful IEPs

Serving Families with Guidance And Support for their Individualized Education Programs


Do you ever find yourself thinking;

Does my child have the right IEP Goals?

Does my child have enough therapies?

Is my child in the right placement?

Is my child getting a positive inclusion experience?

Should there be more inclusion for my child?

What should I be doing more?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the whole IEP process?

Are you struggling with getting through an IEP meeting?

When you attend an IEP meeting, do you feel like you are not quite sure what the IEP process is and feel like you are “just going with the flow”?

Do you have a good handle on your child’s IEP but would like to have a “second set of eyes” to ensure your child is receiving the appropriate education and inclusion that fits your child’s unique needs?

What do you envision for your child?

Are your child’s IEP Goals fitting their unique needs and preparing them for further education, employment and independent living?

Is your child getting the most out of their school system?

What are your hopes and dreams for your child?

How do you see your child as an adult?

I understand.

Work With Me

Our children get the best education possible when parents/guardians and teachers work Together as a Team and collaborate between home and school.  Every IEP goal needs to be purposeful and meaningful to our children's unique needs and prepare them with life skills for further education, employment, and independent living.

IEP Meetings can sometimes feel daunting.  But it doesn't have to feel that way.  Not when parents/guardians open up and ask a lot of questions and equally share input to their team. 

Sometimes you may not know what questions to ask or what input to share with your team.  Perhaps IEPs may be new to you, or maybe you are exhausted and stressed, or maybe you have good IEP meeting experiences but want a confirming second set of eyes.  Sometimes you just don't know what to know. 

For over 10 years, I have been very successful in communicating with both my sons’ IEP teams.  Even when there were sometimes tensions and situations were sometimes “sticky”. 

It is my personal mission to help guide other parents and guardians how to be equal members of their children’s IEP Teams and have the same success for their children.

As an IEP coach, I will be your second set of eyes to help you see new perspectives with asking your team questions and get answers to your child’s school day.

 I will work with you side-by-side and provide you with helpful strategies to share with your team for your child’s unique needs.

I can help you clarify your child’s goals so you and your team can set a meaningful action plan with your child’s strengths and skills that will help your child move forward.

I will help guide you through your mental blocks.  Because let’s face it, being a parent is challenging enough and having children with special needs can sometimes feel overwhelming.  And to some of you, "overwhelming" might be an understatement.  That's why my mission is to help you.   I am here to help you through your journey. I am here to help bridge communication gaps between you and your IEP team. And I am here to help you prepare for your child’s next IEP meeting with hope and confidence.

Book Store: Jadon's Reading Gems

Welcome to Jadon's Reading Gems!  In this section you will find:

- Helpful Social Story Books

- Fun and Engaging Learning Math Videos with Practice Activity Sheets

- IEP Parent Guide Books in which I provide step by step guidance as well as examples that will prepare you for your next IEP meeting!

Social Story Books Now Available!!!

Heaven, Earth, Then Back to Heaven Again

Cielo, Tierra, Luego de Vuelta al Cielo Otra Vez

Coming Soon:

- Parent Guide Books are currently on hold. They are in the process of being updated to Paperback & E-Book options.

If you would like to be notified when the Parent Guide Books are available for purchase, please contact me through this website's contact page or you may contact me via

- Helpful Learning: Fun Videos & Engaging Activity Sheets for Math

My sons were not able to engage in the many amazing varieties of math tutorials on YouTube.

They had a very difficult time learning the concepts of beginners math, Properties of Addition & Multiplication, and the many other areas of beginners math.

I needed to teach them math concepts in a different way and they were finally able to not only focus, engage, and participate in the way I taught them, but they have flourished over the years and math has become their strongest academic subject.

Every individual learns in a different way. The success of my boys has inspired me to create these learning videos to help others have a new way to learn math concepts.


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Click On Book Image To Order

Coming Soon!!!

Coming Soon!!!

Coming Soon!!!

Coming Soon!!!

Helpful Learning: Fun Videos & Engaging Activity Sheets for Math


Therapy Providers and Education Professionals

Free Goodies-IEPs And More...

Welcome to IEPs And More...!  Here's where I share with you an abundance of Free Goodies to help you and your family on your journey - Love & Light Always

Special Diets and Recipes





Time For Yourself

Testimonials From Parents & IEP Teams

I have a daughter with various medical and special academic needs. I have been navigating the IEP system for over 4 years on my own which has been a challenge especially when everything that I had worked so hard for took a halt when Covid happened.

My daughter is not able to attend school and was promised 10 hours of home instruction since 2020 which had not been honored due to resource constraints and push back from the district.

In engaging with Kim (who was an absolute delight) she immediately looked to understand my three main objectives and provided advice no one has ever told me before which was to ensure I was including everyone from our academic team on emails to ensure alignment versus just the teacher and special Ed Director.

Additionally, Kim reviewed each of my 3 IEPs to see where there were loopholes and said she would draft up a suggestion to help us move forward on our trajectory.

She was timely, organized and followed up in email with our next steps to ensure I was aligned to the path forward which is exactly what is needed for parents who are struggling with their IEP needs.

I highly recommend working with Kim, reasonable price and very Knowledgeable.

Diane, Parent

Kim has been a person who has been very helpful. She has guided us in my son's behavior, meetings at school, and supported us in asking for all the help that my son can get from the school.

She is a very prepared person but above all, as a mom, she understands us for everything we are going through. She makes us feel that we are not alone and makes this process easier, Thank you Kim

Maira, Parent

Kim, We’re thrilled that you are always so supportive! I must reiterate how grateful we are for your incredible collaboration. 

Very few parents provide written reports as you do and it is SO beneficial to the team to know what you’re working on at home and what you’re thinking regarding implementation.

Jen, Special Education Program Administrator